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make your own shamanic drum

Creating of shamanic drums

workshop (frame drums)


    I do workshops, because i see that vibration of drums can bring to our life sence of deeper deeper meaning, calm the mind, chime the heart and uncover new opportunities. 

report from Jakub Šťástka - "denik.cz", about one of workhop in Prague

report from Heltcha - "Náš region", about workshop in Jílové

short movie from Petr Kotek - workshop in Buchov retreat centre

Nearest public workshops:

1.-2.3. 2014 Creating of drums in Slovak - Modra - !!CHANGE!! - flyer

8.-9.3. 2014 Creating of drums in Brno - flyer



I will help you to create drum, which can have many names. Sometime people call it "fram drum", more often it is "shamanic drum", also "Bodhran" in Celtic culture. More important isObrazek, with which intention you use it - if you want music instruments or if you are also interested in spirituality about shamanic drusm. In our age there is still more valuable to have opportunity to work with natural materials as wood or skin is. Comming to workshop is perfect option, how to create own instrument by own hands or also cooperate on creation with family, partner, ...

ObrazekShamanism is old "method" of seaking whisdom from Nature, recieving strength from owh ancestors, discovering of world of spirits and healing by this knowledge. Instruments of shamanism are umility, intuition, presence a hledání moudrosti z přírody, čerpání síly od vlastních předků, poznávání světa duchů a léčení díky těmto poznatkům. Nástroji šamanismu jsou pokora, intuice, present awareness, and sensitivity, what most of shamans connect wtih transcendent experiences of traveling of soul into other worlds. Thees soft state of perception we can experience by shamanic drums.


Vibrations of frame drum can help us to be able let things flow or stop our mind, tune up to ourself and feel reality, transparency and sacretnes of being right here right now, it means be consciously connected with ourself.


Shamanic drum is probably one of historicaly oldest kind of music instruments. It was (and still is) used almost everywhere around the world by all indigenous cultures of our Planet.




Proces of making drums is connected with ritual expression of gratefulnes to animals and trees who died. We use deer skins and solid ash wood. Whan new drums are alive, we make ceremony and welcome new friends in the smoke of sacred plants and after we try to use music vibrations for shamanic work in the group.


Are you interested to organize workshop? I will be happy to come anywhere, we did workhops in schools, meditation centres, summer schools and camps, teambuilding events with companies, festivals... minimal count of drums is 15, i prefere to have a lot of time for work and journey to dive deeper. We can create drums in few hours, but i prefere to do not "fast-job", better is to meet for whole weekend. To make workshop i have a condition - with rituals only. Price is always different, usuly not more than 140 EUR.