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This e-shop is temporarily interrupted because I travel, some instruments may be available by my friend, please write to emtina@seznam.cz.

Djembe drums, Overtone flutes, Jew´s harps, Kalimbas, Sansulas, Nose flutes, Dilbu bells, Rain sticks, Magical chimes, Didgeridoo, Lyre, Kantele, Knocking forgs, Tibetian singing bowls, Sitar, Indian harmonium, Shruti box, travel Sitar.....

ORDER INTURMENTS VIA E-MAIL, PLEASE. Primary i travel and play the instruments. That why sometime customers have to wait very long for my answer and shipping time is sometime longer than by "normal" e-shops. I prefere personal contact to give you opportunity to meet the instrument, try, feel, discover. Of caurse, i am also sending by post, if you wish. ___________________________________________________________ 

African djembe drums 
Handmade from Afriky or cheaper version from Indononesia, each piece with great sound.


img_9446.jpg  img_9478.jpg





                                    Prices depand on the size and kind, 5 EUR till do 100,- EUR  ___________________________________________________________

Overtone flutes         (amater record)
Traditional no holes flutes from Slovakia - play even though don´t know how






                             Price for tuning in "d" (about 60cm) is 50 EUR. ___________________________________________________________

Kalimba                  (amat. record of kalimba in pentatonic tune)
Traditional African instrument, back from coconut, i can tune it how you vish.






           Price: 15 EUR, bigger bass ones from the pumpkin is for 20 EUR.
Sansula        short movie about it , and also other tuning

sansula.jpg- perfect music therapists instruments with magical sound

- whan you lift it off, it make very special acustic sound effect. The price depend on membrane type.

- Sansula (celulose membrain) 96 EUR

- Sansula Deluxe (better tuneable membrane from the skin) 189 EUR

- Sansula Reneissance (plastic REMO drumskin) 150 EUR


Little kalimba

kalimba-b5.jpg- small instrument, perfect for traveling

- five tones in pentatonic

- very gentle sound

- price: 31 EUR


Magical chimes "Zaphir"

zvonkohra1.jpgzvonkohra2.jpg- great sound and tuning

- pentatonic

- different colours

- necessary to have in your hand (and ear..:)

- short sound record

.                Price: 50 EUR


Rain sitck - short movie about it

img_9462.jpg- pleasant and gentle sound

- different sizes : 40 - 120 cm

       price: 10 - 20 EUR

Jew´s harps (many kinds) - detail pictures and more info





 Nose flutes

img_9566.jpg - small instrument to your packet, for music and fun aswell

- blowing by nose to the round hole, open lips is necessary to attach to instrument, after you can intonate by moving your lips

- You can imitate the owl, but also play songs

   Price: 5 EUR



Buddhistic bells "Dilbu"

img_9520.jpgimg_9513.jpgimg_9559.jpg- traditional ritual articl

- symbol of woman strength

- you can play also by wood stick and make the same effect es tibetian bowls do

 Cena:  17 EUR



img_9460.jpg - traditional ritual instrument from australian native people

- it is only from bamboo, no masive, but with good sound

- many sizes and colours

    Price: 16 EUR


Knocikng frog - more sizes, more sounds, price 8 - 20 EUR








Tibetian singing bowls

tibetska-miska.jpg- many sizes, minimal weight is 510 g, handmade, comming from India and Nepal, price 1,85 Kč/g + wood stick for 4 EUR



Sitar (only ilustration picture)
p1150361.jpg - fully carved

- fiveteen years mature

- unusually easy to tune

- shining and sharp sound

+ strings, manual, mizrabs, tuning beads, fiber-glass case!!

Price: 790 EUR


Shruti box - perfect for singing or creating rich background for melodic music

shruti2m.jpgshruti3m.jpg- not the most beautiful, but the best sound

keep hold air, so the player does not need to constantly vibrate the hands, as usual shrutiboxes

- Precision-tuned an octave lower than usual shruti boxes are, more pictures are 

- short movie of shrutibox...        Price is  120 EUR include nylon case


Indian harmonium - six register


- glass damper



- "lockable" key

- Portable, easily packable


- short movietké video, more pictures HERE.

Price: 340 EUR include nylon case and manual


Sopran Lyre

img_9577.jpg - genial instrument from Czech maker

- chromatic tuning (right hand plays tones, left one plays halp tones)

- two octaves, i call it portable piano, it is possible to play cords aswell

              Price: 250 EUR      + 10 EUR tuning tool                         ___________________________________________________________


img_9580.jpg - traditional instr. from Finlandimg_9582.jpg

- tuned in pentatonic

- opular in Steiner schools


               Price: 111 EUR      + 10 EUR tuning tool                                


Travel Sitar


cestovni-sitar.jpg- very light one, full sound

- guitare tuning pins

- finnished outside the India

- mahagon, Jawari from eben wood

-  built-in sensor R.S.


+ strings, luxury fiber-glass case,

Price: 520 EUR