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Peace and Love! ...and i can write a lot...


I live in the belief that everything in the world has its own importance. Even so when I go around the planet and look around, feelengs of honest laugh are changing with tears from the " game" played by the society, therefore all of us . What to do? The answer is comming to me from many directions - everything around us we can affect in the strongest way just by what is inside us. Full of hope for all of us i carefully do my best and guard my own inner universe .

I am a qualified teacher of music, occasionally studying music therapy. I enjoy to see, how thanks to musical vibrations and singing we can express the inexpressible, to feel unsuspected depth and connect sacredness from different directions. I collect musical instruments and lern how to make tham vibrate, also i am interested in the origins and spiritual significance. I'm learning to feel pleasure without finding reason to keep shining heart regardless of the circumstances, not to forget the gratitude for everything that comes and in the same time not be afraid to express myselve and accept all my parts, include a shadows. I didnt find better way yet than through musical vibrations.

I'm learning to understand the nature, because I know that through the trees, water, wind, birds, rocks, people, stars... talk to me the wisdom of ancestors, creator, higher source, whole Universe. But actually sometime I don't understand at all. I am honored to walk with my beloved Katie on the Path of lerning unconditional and true humility .


 Ya Shakur