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Nevolejte mi, jsem v Indii - don't call me, I am in India. Čtu maily i SMS - I am reading emails and txts.

                     MUSIC VIBRATIONS FOR FREEDOM                      


We travel, so sorry for weak communication. I am translating slowly, so not everything is avalible in english yet, try to change it soon.

On this website You can see some of my "things", which are bringing to (my) life happiness and fulfillment.

...mainly it is about circles of people, where we play music instruments, sing, we are lerning how to be more conected with our inner world and be able to express what we find there - playing music, singing and dancing, it is very usefull instrument. Actually final music is only by-product, at the same time it is perfect representation of ourselves in the present moment. In such circles are usualy children in schools and kindergartens, students, businessmens, seniors ... also we often dance the sacred circle dances, manufacture drums, play music by the fires, and mainly we rejoice and recognize the power of gratitude. Sometimes we are a couple in the ring, sometimes several hundred. Some circles are regular, some are created just for a few moments. All are invited to join our creations, be finding together...



  What is comming:

          - 15.-16.5. - festival Alchymistické Litoměřice, quite big event

          - 3.6. - Fulmoon Zikr Practice, Prague, !!register ahead!!!

          - 13.6. - Circle dances and fireshow as part of St.John night, Boskovice

          - 15.6. - Dances of Universal Peace - Tišnov

          - 18.6. - Dances of Universal Peace in Slovakia - Bratislava

          - 11.-12.7. - Workshop of shamanic drums making,  Úvaly

          - 14.-21.8. - XII. International Dance Camp - Dances of Univ.Peace

          - 12.-19.9. - Vipassana meditation with the teacher Alexis Santos, Vysočina

          - 24.-28.9. - Holidays for families with music-therapy and swimming

          - 9.-10.10. - Workshop of shamanic drums making, Jizerské hory

..and in 2016

          - 8.-14.1. - Dance Camp Aotearoa - circle dances, New Zealand


Web founded in December 2008, last update of english version 2014/05

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